Why is AVP growing its AVP Academy program for youth?
The AVP sees an opportunity to create a streamlined, consistent pipeline for their athletes to develop at the highest rate possible by utilizing the same components that successful Olympic and professional beach volleyball teams currently use.

How is AVP Academy different than my local beach Club?
AVP Academy Clubs offer a proven curriculum and teaching methods together with our all-inclusive system, for development across all levels, from juniors to Olympians.  When choosing to utilize  the available resources, the athletes will accelerate their developmental progress and set themselves apart from the traditional beach club player.

Do AVP Academy Players only play in AVP Academy and Next tournaments?
No. Our players will compete in a schedule of tournaments that are geared to expose them to the highest level of competition possible and gain maximum exposure to college recruiters.

Can a player play Indoor and Beach?
Yes, we offer a number of options that accommodate multi-sport athletes schedules. We encourage athletes to continue to participate in other sport activities.

Do I have to attend all practices?
No, but having limited attendance could affect your ability to develop at a faster rate. Consistent attendance is encouraged to optimize developmental strides.

How is an AVP Academy different?
AVP Academy includes more than just practices and beach tournament coaching. AVP Academy offers a comprehensive program and includes practices, tournaments and coaching, nutrition, sports psychology, strength and conditioning, education, scouting, recruiting support, technology, parent workshops. Year round. Dedicated Facilities/Locations. National program. Pipeline to high-school, collegiate and ultimately AVP tour.

Can players with AVP Academy play participate without wanting to play competitively at the High School, College or Pro levels?
Yes, AVP Academy is for all. Players who are just beginning or want to play recreationally may be assigned to Bronze or Silver age groups within each Age Division.